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Injection Molded Sculpture


There is a compelling attraction to the simple sphere and its relation to the platonic solids.  With only the slightest modification or deviation, these basic forms can express profound relationships of unlimited variety and meaning.  A single unit may be created and when copied many times, fit together in a unified whole.  A lone single cell is rather insignificant but when multiplied it evolves into a complex organism. A single form has its own unique qualities, but when multiplied and combined with other forms, a completely new structure is expressed.  If a number of similar forms are to combine to complete a whole, they must develop relationships with each other at their boundaries.  Each form may be individual at its core, but its boundaries must coincide with others if they are to develop into an expression of the whole.  Boundaries are where individuals find commonality and the potential for unity and association.  --Billy Hiebert

SCULPTURE by Billy Hiebert: The following sculptures were injection molded using cast epoxy composite molds.  Click any image for enlargement and other details.


Sculptures are copyrighted artwork, all rights reserved.